Mystic Money

Mystic Money 💰 is a way to give back to you all as you give so much to me xx

How it works? 
You can get mystic dollars in two ways, the first is every order you make on a live show earns you 5% back in the way of mystic dollars.
Eg: Your order comes to $100.00, 5 % of that Is $5 so you will earn $5 mystic dollars.
The next way is at the end of the lives done on the Mystic Rose VIP group everyone who placed an order gets to choose a card from Mt dragon cards and every card has a dollar value as well as the discount, or free shipping offer.
On each invoice it will have your new dollars plus your balance.
You can use this money to purchase with on any of the lives on the VIP group.
All money will continue to build but has an expiry date of one year.
Enjoy spending your mystic dollars, these can only be used on the group to purchase with and can not be redeemed for cash.
Please let me know at any of time if be you want to use them up 💕💕