La Riche , How to?

Pop on something old incase you get messy.

Shampoo the hair with a PH balanced shampoo (*Cough cough* - ours is great). Without boring you with the science, these shampoos help the hair achieve the best acid balance - which in turns helps Directions develop as well as it can.

Apply Directions with the aid of a tint brush.

Comb Directions into the hair until it becomes frothy, ensuring the hair you are wanting to colour is entirely covered.

Your strand test results will determine your personal development time, but on average we advise to leave Directions to develop for 15-30 minutes.

A plastic hair or shower cap will help retain some heat, helping the development.

Thoroughly rinse Directions out of the hair with warm water.

Ideally, do your rinsing away from the face and body (not in the shower) - multi coloured skin was so last year.

Dry and style as usual and then of course take a picture