Facebook Lives 😍

Hi all ❤️ 

With our new Facebook lives everyone has the opportunity to get some amazing bargains, discouns, points credits and of course each live will have a purchase draw.

This is how it works.

Every person who makes a purchase will get to draw a card from our dragon card pack. The cards start at 9 through to Ace and of course one Joker. This is one draw per person who purchased , not per purchase.

You can choose a card from the top, the bottom or a random middle draw.

The card you choose will depend on what you get as per the list below.

Joker: The Joker wins the purchase Draw plus ten points.

Ace : The Ace card gives you an IV bag or bottle of body wash plus ten points and 10% off your next order.

King : The King will get you a crystal reveal bath bomb 10% off your next order plus 5 points.

Queen: The Queen gives you a normal bath bomb or shower steamers  plus 10% off your next order and 3 points.

Jack : The Jack gives you a soy wax melt plus 5 points and 5% off your next order.

Ten : The ten will give you 5 points plus 3 x soy shotz melt.

Nine : The nine card will give you 5 points plus a soy shotz melt. 

The points system works dollar value per point credit, so ten points equals $10 credit , five points equals $5.00 credit 

The credits can not be used on the current show but available to use on any future shows only. They can not be redeemed for cash nor used for purchasing off the website. All credits expire after 3 months if not used.  

** The card draw will occur at the end of the show, unless you leave early and need your draw done for you earlier, then just ask and we will do your draw then for you.💜 

Thankyou Caz 🌹